Directors Message:

STEPS was a dream that began with the vision of making high quality and enriching education accessible to students with differences who struggle in a traditional educational setting. Honoring the student and presuming competence is what guides and motivates us to continually evolve and find innovative approaches to educating students with unique learning needs.

STEPS Academy was founded in 2006 due to a belief that all students can achieve and succeed if the conditions are right. This dream has only begun to be realized; every year we make strides in reaching new levels of excellence and creating more opportunities for our students to learn and grow.

Willow Farms, a therapeutic farm program, was developed in 2017 to aid in transitional and vocational skills training.  This program has proven to be beneficial to the social and emotional growth of our students, as well as providing real-life experiences to prepare them for employment opportunities after graduation.

Insightful Minds Community of Learning opened in August of 2018. It was developed to meet the needs of nontraditional learners in a nontraditional educational setting, focusing on experiential learning opportunities and social and emotional wellness.

STEPS programs provide a state of the art and innovative education for students with learning differences and nontraditional learners.  In order for it to remain this way, we must continuously move forward with flexible and open minds, willing to explore opportunities and advancements in educational approaches.  In all of the STEPS programs, our goal is to continuously exceed the reputation we have by challenging our educators to constantly improve and perfect the STEPS learning environment.  We honor and value our students by seeing potential when others may not, and ensuring that students are not defined by their diagnosis, verbal abilities, or behavioral needs.  By identifying and using passions, recognizing potential, and creating a sense of purpose, we strive to make every student at STEPS feel understood and valued.

PASSION, POTENTIAL, and PURPOSE. This is the hallmark of an education at STEPS. Focusing on these principles allows our students to continuously learn and succeed in reaching new heights and motivates us to further advance our approach to education.  The dream of providing meaningful, quality educational experiences to all students is being realized through the STEPS programs and we are committed to continual advancement in the education of our students.  We believe in our students, and therefore, they believe in themselves!

Jennifer Might, MA, BCBA
Founder/Executive Director